Monday, June 27, 2011

uff da

Well let me just say that this has been kind of a crazy few days. It started on Friday afternoon. I got back from work and read a text from a buddy with some bad news. It was hard to hear but my reaction wasn't what it would have been say a year or two ago. I was sorrowful but didn't blame God or doubt Him. Well later that day I decided to go on outreach with a couple other people downtown through Street level. So yeah, downtown on a beautiful Friday night in the summer. It was a level of crazy like I didn't understand. I have a heart to intercede for that part of the city but I didn't know what it was actually like and I'm sure that I didn't see the worst of it. But again, while it made me sad to see lives wasted, I wasn't shaken as I would have been before.
Then on Saturday I decided to go to the christian bookstore to check out their music. On my way back I had some car trouble. I was able to get back to school, which considering how my car has been behaving since I am definitely crediting to God. Obviously that's not a major thing, but it just added to the other things but I still didn't respond negatively to God. Then I got a ride to the gym and while I was there I saw a news report about more flooding in ND. That's when it really became clear to me that the Enemy was making a real push to attack me on an emotional level. God designed me with emotions as a central operating mechanism in my life and yeah Satan was trying to twist that against God. Well he didn't succeed. Despite his efforts Satan wasn't able to shake me. More then anything that has happened I finally was able to see how deep my roots have gone in God.
I rejoice in it because until the roots are strong enough there can't be any fruit. In my prayer God told me that I am entering the time of reaping. That's a scary thought but I'm not scared about it. I know that as long as I abide in Christ and follow the example of the disciples I won't stray. As for the timing of the season, I don't feel ready but God's timing is perfect so that's nothing to worry about.