Thursday, June 16, 2011

The rule of thirds - roommate style

I'm going off the cuff this time because well I think that I have an unusual observation to make.
I have had the opportunity, for better or worse, to see roommate situations where three complete strangers are put together in one room for at least a semester and often an entire year of school. Through astute observation or just bored random thought I figured out that there is a rule of thirds many times in it. This isn't a hard and fast division but there are enough instances that I know of where I am going to venture it.
These are only applicable to the Christian college community, secular college and these get thrown out.
1) The first roommate - Out going and fun, intelligent, very well adjusted to their surroundings regardless of the newness, popular and attractive. Likely to be technologically skilled and modern. Will have no trouble making friends of both genders and will be popular with the opposite sex.
2) The second roommate - Likable but unique. possibly from another country or just into unique things i.e music, style. Intelligent but quiet until they come out of their shell. Will have a smaller group of friends but friends will increase with increased interactions, may be popular with the opposite sex.
3) The third roommate - sincere and nice but awkward. Possibly from another country so dealing with culture shock or just grew up with limited human interaction i.e home schooled or from a small town. Will attempt to fit in, but will have a tough time making as many friends as the other two but will have a small group of very close friends. Has the potential to be popular with the opposite sex but may not desire it.