Sunday, July 24, 2016

The one of who lives

While I was driving to church this morning I was floored by that fact.

God is alive. Really alive.

Alive and also present with us in all space. He hold's it all together

Idolatry made it into the ten commandments but there is one story that I think of as an example of God's attitude toward idolatry.

If you want to read more then excerpt that I'm about to include go here. Otherwise, just keep going.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

VLOG3 - Together Day

So I've come to the end of this. The video's just under 17 minutes so I won't add too much on here, unless I think of some details that I forgot to mention in the vid.

I can't stress enough how worth it going to DC for this was. With respect to everything that I missed through out the morning and afternoon, I don't think I actually missed anything. The day happened a certain way, with more things being out of my control then in it. I think I heard what I needed to hear on Saturday, so while I'm still bummed that I didn't get to hear from Louie Giglio or Francis Chan, they're just men and I will have other opportunities to learn from them before it's all said and done. I believe that what I needed to hear, is what I heard. So the fact that it was cut short, that I missed things in order to stay hydrated and because I had to go find a place to add some juice to my phone doesn't matter. I got out of it what I needed.

That said, and just as an aside - I still fully intend to watch the video of the event to see and hear what else was shared by some of the most brilliant and talented minds in Christendom.

So enough typing, I'll post the video on Youtube, same as before and I have some pictures that I'll throw on below the fold.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

VLOG 2 - DC Free Day

Same as before, the file is too large so I'm uploading it to Youtube. The link is

Only thing left to add are a few of the pictures I took during sightseeing.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

VLOG1 - On the Road to DC

Wanted to make this happen during the first stop of the road trip but that didn't work out so I'm catching up a little bit on it.

More to come later but got one done for now.

Friday, July 8, 2016


Violence is nothing new. Regardless of worldview, history is packed with stories of violence. For Millenia the purpose was either to expand territories or defend those who wished to do so. That's an oversimplification but is also very true.

Now people kill each other over race or disrespect or just because they want to.

It's not new but even when it's justifiable, it's tragic.

My heart goes out to all the families that lost people this week. The police officers in Dallas last night, the two young men in consecutive days prior to that and all the unknown people who have died tragically.

Not that it was needed, as far as I'm concerned, but those events are all further evidence that the notion of safety is an illusion. Weapons can make a difference - positively and negatively, but they are not the solution or the problem. People will likely call for gun control and others will rail against the idea.

I like my rights as they are described in the constitution but the freedom we have now is already limited so if those that the majority elect see fit to change things I will abide, though not happily.

But I'm not here to talk about politics or current events, at least the ones that have happened already.