Monday, June 6, 2011

genuinely attractive

Through my high school and college days I have heard the term "hottie" often in reference to an attractive young lady. Now I may be the exception to the standard, and I would guess that I am, but growing up I had very limited social skills and very few opportunities to have normal relationships with females but those opinions had an impression on me. Combine those factors with the fact that I had three older brothers and no sisters growing up and well, the term "late bloomer" would certainly apply to me. Thanks to the fellowship at BCOM I have been able to make up for some of that lost time. During this year I have begun to learn how to see the woman around me as sisters instead of objects and goals. Well in the transition period I stopped focusing on their appearance and more upon their relationship with God. I would say that the real hotties are the ones that are so on fire for God that they want nothing of the things that are commonly considered valuable. Is this sort of a cheesy play on a worldly view, yes and could easily lead to misunderstanding if actually used in conversation but for me I am now beginning to see woman this way and am glad for the perspective change!

Well there's the ramblings for now.

So I should probably do an update to this, because I real feel like there are some things that have changed for me since I posted this.
As I have continued to pray for my sisters in Christ I have become increasingly aware and bothered by how the female gender is so often treated like meat. I haven't prayed into this specifically, but just as a by product of the prayers my concern for the female gender has gone up. More than ever before it really makes me sad that they feel they have to flaunt their bodies to get affection and attention. This is very true in the secular realm, but I've heard similar things within the churched community.
Now I don't like generalizing because it is a sensitive topic, but we should seek to get our attention and comfort from God. It's not easy, it's actually pretty difficult and takes a significant amount of spiritual maturity but when that level is reached it makes all the old ways fade away.
I pray that the females of America would know the unconditional love and acceptance that Christ offers to them in a genuine way. As a relationship and not as a religion. I also pray that the real men of this nation, though few, would continue or begin to lift up their counter parts in the church in prayer and encouragement and in other godly ways.