Friday, June 10, 2011

A legit desperation

Yesterday I was at work, listening to my Hillsong cds and the song Hosanna came on, it's a good song if you haven't heard it before, but one part of the lyrics stood out to me uniquely. In the second verse the line

"I see a near revival 
Stirring as we pray and seek
We're on our knees
We're on our knees"
really got me thinking.

There have been many situations that have left people feeling desperate. Natural disasters, all sorts of illnesses and economic collapse to name a few. How do people respond? Relief work, donations and fund raisers, concerts by the famous and probably a bunch of other ways but how often do we feel desperate for revival in this nation? I remember that after 9/11 throngs of people were going back to the church in search of answers and truth, what they found didn't satisfy and hasn't lasted, a major opportunity missed but it isn't too late. As we seek after God the revival will come. There are two messages that I listened to yesterday which really helped drive this point home, unfortunately I can't figure out how to post them on here.
To make it personal, even I pray for revival, but they aren't prayers of belief and expectation very often. God will answer them one day, of that I am pretty confident, but the revival will not be a result of my prayer in those times in the slightest. I kind of feel like I am beating a dead horse, christianity has become form with the occasional uprising of function against the tide. I really wish that every persons prayer was from a heart so desperate for the answer that it would stir God's heart to grant the requests, but far too often we pray because we are supposed to. Whether it's memorized prayers that require no thought or conviction or the pre-meal habit that gets wrapped as quickly as possible so that we can gorge on the food. I like food a lot so I don't complain about it too much, but those prayers that so many "mature" believers utter could just as easily be said by a 4 yr old who has no idea what it means.
We need to get desperate for God
We need to get desperate and come before the face of the almighty.
Fear it if you want, because it will be an "emotional high" but until you experience the presence of almighty God hold your tongue, it will only be you losing out
We need to get desperate.