Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Light. Life.

A fun,  natural example of how things go has been happening in my apartment this week. Before I continue, just to be clear it's nothing sinful or questionable but fun.


Just a heads up, this is a straight up rant. When approaching sensitive, controversial or major topics I try to write with tact but directness. Well for this one I'm going to dispense with the tact, for the most part.

A rant.

So that's the warning. If you want to know the subject you'll have to read on. If you are sensitive about blunt directness or about the topic that I'm going to be spouting about then you won't want to read much past the jump if at all.

Anyway, here goes!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Good Evening

Earlier I was at Canvas and the speaker was talking about Romans 8: 31-39. Well, as often happens when I write, I was specifically inspired by the message. I'll get into the specifics after the jump.