Monday, June 6, 2016

Maybe not.

Options come and go in life.
Opportunities like the breeze can come with refreshing but in an instant be gone.
Chances, well there are new chances each day, but even they are limited.
A couple weeks ago I wrote about a chance to travel with a team to Haiti, well that like all but one of the other potential destinations was removed from possibility. I knew the likelihood was there because past experience is the best educator, but also that other people were slow to co-sign. So slow in fact that I was told that I was the only one committed to going. So it's reasonable that the latest option was taken off the board.

Now I wait. Again. But in fact I never stopped waiting, because I expected that something would come up.  It's not all bad, so I'll get to the spin after.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

News on a loop, be prepared

I don't know if it's a trend or a coincidence but I guess I'm just seeing things anew that have been around since the beginning. Yesterday I wrote about the verbal sewage that gets spewed out so much these days, but really it was words that lit the fuse of the first sins by Eve then Adam. One of the next recorded sins is also still very much in play worldwide to this day.

Not attempting to hide our shame from God as he wants to be in a personal relationship with us. Though that is still in play for billions of people. Nor am I thinking of half - hearted offerings or the jealousy to those who give their best to Jesus.

If you know the Biblical story then you may be able to pin point my direction but I wanna keep tracking readership, so as always you'll find out after.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The other excrement

This one's a little more graphically uncomfortable then I generally go, but the analogy I've concluded seems accurate so I'm going to go with it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

A week ago I realized that I was coming up to a long weekend because of Memorial day. My first idea was to head to Duluth for the weekend but all the campgrounds were booked up so I went to plan B. So I figured out what it would take to head out west and have some fun. The first stop was the Teddy Roosevelt Park.

Friday came and after taking care of some duties at work, I got the rest of my stuff together and go on the road. I wanted to reach the park before the  information center closed. I basically couldn't stop on the way because of that which was a little rough, even for me. But I got it done.  Found out the best places to see in the park and then went exploring.

I'll keep some of the stories to myself, because I like it that way, but that evening was worth the drive. Then in classic fashion I crashed in my car for the night. I had to break it in for that some time and this was as good a time as any, and better then most. I woke up at dawn, as planned and headed back into the park. After driving for a while I found a great spot to park and watch the sunrise, or at least what I thought would be the sun rise. It was a bit of an overcast morning so it didn't happen as I excepted. So after taking some time to look at it and take some pictures I hopped back in the car and headed up to the highest point in the area.

On Friday when I was told about it that was where I wanted to watch the rise but as things happened in the morning I didn't think it would actually happen. Lo and behold, right about the time I got all the way up to peak the sun was busting out from behind the clouds. After more wondering and picture taking headed back down to keep roaming through the park. A few hours of that elapsed and I was exhausted so I headed back into Medora to check out some shops and just relax, with the intent of more exploring. But once I came down, I didn't have the energy to go back so instead I decided to go to Bismarck.

Once there, I spent the rest of the day just relaxing at a hotel.

Sunday came and it was time to finish the fun. I waited til the last minute to check out so as to hedge my plan a bit in case part of it went sideways. I proceeded to go up to Garrison for a festival that I'd recently found out about. I'll leave it to you to figure out what the festival was about in the photos to come.

After spending a couple hours there, I retraced my path back to Washburn to do some golfing. I got to the course about 10 minutes after their unlimited play began. Then proceeded to play for about five hours. I've played less golf then I anticipated playing to this point in the season but still managed the best round I've had yet.  Taking 10 strokes off without playing felt pretty good, but I did take the unlimited factor at its word and did some practice while I worked through the course, that's why it took five hours.

All that remained was returning home. It was a rough drive which went much later into the night then I wanted but I wouldn't change how the weekend went at all.

If a pictures worth a thousand words then this will certainly be the longest post I've composed but I don't think it's too much.