Wednesday, June 8, 2011

tick tock tick tock. trying to understand the timing of God

Well I've been through a couple schools and have noticed that the grad class that I end up in fits me much better then the one preceding it. This was especially true at AFLBS but has also proven true at BCOM. Not to bash on the older groups but with AFLBS I just wouldn't have made it for two years with the conflicting personality types where as I was able to manage it with the guys that were in my group. It's kind of crazy though, because a friend of mine prophesied to me about one of the relationships that I would have at AFLBS and the prophecy has come true. It's an ongoing thing but it has happened as I was told.
At BCOM it has been for different reasons. I would have fit ok in this past years sophomore class but fit much better in mine. Just the way that people operate and how our class is constructed works very well for me and with me.
But I think beyond even the schools I have been in God has been setting me up for a special purpose through a lot of the relationships I have had going back all the way to Junior high. The fact was pointed out to me by my friend, the one who was the fulfillment of the prophecy, that people a lot of times will dumb their baggage on me. Some of it is my fault but not always and it has happened with out me even really seeking it. Maybe people sense they can trust me, God would get the credit for that or maybe God just wants it to be that way. In any case, it's good because I have really been able to learn that they aren't throwing their burdens on me but on Christ instead. And it is He who takes the weight of their burdens, I rarely, as rarely as possible, take on people's issues. I don't think I would have been able to handle it to this point if I took their burdens on me when I can barely handle mine so much of the time.

Well while I really don't see how God's timing is playing together I have been shown enough to rejoice in it and wait eagerly for a greater understanding.