Saturday, June 25, 2011

Have we reached the limit? It seems no

So last weekend I went back to my hometown for one night just to collect most of the rest of my things. As I was about 20 minutes away I started flipping through the radio stations. I haven't been around there much and didn't know which numbers were which for them. I figured out that there are 5/6 christian stations just on the fm side of the dial. Now, I may be naive but for a tri-town that size it seems a little excessive. Like I realize there are a lot of people who regularly attend a congregation in the area but it just doesn't make sense to me. The only thing that I can really settle on about it is that it is the result of the christian culture we live in. We choose churches more from the fit to our preference then anything to what they teach or how they conduct themselves as believers. Even the few examples I can think of where people choose based on something regarding teaching it is usually pretty insignificant.
We forget about God.
We forget about Jesus.
We forget about the Spirit of Jesus.
We forget about the ones who don't know Him.
We forget about the ones who think they know Him.
So none of those things factor in. We go to churches that do what we want so that we wouldn't get uncomfortable, because you know, that's when there is growth.  So we will continue to choose and have choices so that we can just got about business as it has been so that things won't change, yet pray for revival at random times. Seems like a dichotomy to me, but maybe that's because of my perspective. One thing is for sure, we haven't reached the limit of the buyer's christian, but when we do, it will crash harder then the stock market ever has.