Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Newsflash: I'm a sports fan.
Ok, that's not news, unless you don't know anything about me.
A few days ago, last Thursday to be exact, a little thing called the NFL started the regular season. My favorite team played for the first time this season last night. Not a great game, but that's not completely relevant.
Yesterday, when I woke up I decided to go to the gym to workout. Well, it was also game day so I wanted to rep my team all day. So I put on a t-shirt and went to the gym.
After getting back and getting cleaned up I put on the jersey that I planned to wear the rest of the day. Like all other jersey's it had a players name on the back, was the colors of the team, and had the teams logo on the jersey as well.
All things that clearly displayed that I was identifying myself with that team. But it got me thinking about that topic, identification.
I'll get into it some more after the jump :)