Thursday, January 9, 2014


A few days ago one of my favorite songs came on the radio, "strong enough" by Matthew West. It got me thinking about being weak, being strong & being consider each way by others. Definitions for strong & weak are not easy to pin down & because of biblical reality that contradicts normal view I'm going to avoid explicit definition.
What I've been thinking about though is that people always want to be strong. Try to find strength in position or money or fame or self, relationships, successes, etc. Problem is, all those things fade. I've done some great things in my young life but if I drew my strength from any of them I'd be as weak & frail as anything that's....well dead.
Maybe that it, the dead want to find strength wherever they can so that can feel alive. Life is only available through Jesus. There's a lot of division about what a Christian actually is & even within the realm of the legitimate Church there is a lot of division over minor doctrines but Jesus is the same in each fracture. Unfortunately He doesn't serve to be enough for complete unity to happen. HE IS. But we don't allow it to happen. But I'm sidetracking, one of the aspects of a true believer is that they draw strength from HIM. Find comfort FROM & IN HIM. REFUGE. HOPE. LIFE.