Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Man, I've been so busy these last few weeks. I am trying to find time to keep this thing up to date, but it isn't working out too well for me lately.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

(the last weeks of) Summer-ization

So yeah the last few weeks have been pyscho crazy and haven't had much time to post so yeah I haven't written anything for a couple weeks. Here are my top five things of the last couple weeks.
5. People are beginning to return to campus! So yeah it's really good to see some familiar faces around campus and to know that school is about to begin again. I haven't been this excited for a school year, probably ever and yeah the first sign is the people getting back so I love it!

4. The summer of  work is wrapped. It's been really good working this summer but I am very much ready to be done. The last week of work our replacements have been getting trained in so most of the tasks that I have been doing are being done by others which has left me with a lot of monkey work to do to fill my days. Anyway, Friday it wraps and yeah its good!

3. Football is back. Should never been a question but people are greedy. Related and even better - FANTASY FOOTBALL! Time to see if my squad can live up to the potential and get me a championship!

2. The furnace - "experiencing the Lord's refining fire". Probably one of the most exciting ideas God has given me so far. It stems from two main veins - prayer nights that happened roughly once a month through the first 2/3 of last year and wanting to experience God's refining fire. Well the premise of it is to go from a midnight to 6 am prayer session one night a month to a 60 hr prayer intensive anywhere from one weekend a month to every weekend (we are still trying to figure that detail out). Instead of having it in the prayer room we will be moving it to a more casual space that would foster a different atmosphere. The reasoning behind such a dramatic increase in length is to allow for people to come and go according to their schedules and not miss out on it.  The main focus of the time would be prayer and fellowship with Jesus but there would also be times of praise, a communion time and a movie related to moves of God or His glory. We are still seeking to know whether we should have it monitored the entire time or leave it open for a period of time where people could come but there wouldn't be anyone of the leaders in the room.
I'm blown away by the idea because everybody I have told so far has been so excited and yeah it's totally the Lord's doing. It's radical, but people, myself included, keep saying that we want to change the world and that will only happen if we go after radical ideas of faith.

1. I got a niece. It happened a few weeks back on a Tuesday and yeah once I found out after work I was pumped. I had prayer group that night and the other people asked me why I was so happy and excited. I've been waiting for a few years for it to happen, much longer then either of my brothers have been married but I'm glad it happened this way!

So yeah that's the last few weeks for me. I'll try to find more time to blog but with everybody getting back and all the orientation stuff that's coming my way soon it will be difficult.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

quirks/pet peeves

I detest gum. I am not much of a country boy but too often it just looks like people are cows as they chew it and then when they snap it and blow bubbles, there is just no way to look intelligent chewing gum. Gah.
I like sleeping in as dark of a room as possible with as little noise as possible.
I strongly dislike talking on the phone. When I have to I always put it on speaker and generally, when a conversation goes for longer than 5 minutes I begin to zone out.
I dislike receiving picture messages because I can never access them.
I dislike people who are smart but act stupid.
I email when I have to, but it's not my favorite form of comm either.
I have a freakish ability tolerate hot and cold. Examples, it will be 85/90 and humid and I was have the windows closed with no A/C. It's blizzarding in the middle of Feb and I walking around outside in a cut off, shorts and flip-flops.
I have an infatuation with cheese