Monday, July 4, 2011

Busiest lazy weekend I can remember

So it's the fourth of July weekend and I was really hoping to have a lot of downtime over the long weekend, it hasn't happened. Just a word, this is a really stinking long post!
Friday night
After getting off work at King Control's I thought about going to the drive in theater but heard that a bunch of other students were going to be hitting the beach in the evening so I decided to join in. We got there at about 5:15 and were promptly kicked off the beach because of lightning. Well our group headed down the road to one of the shelters to play sand volleyball and just hang out. We did that until about 7 (when the life guards got off work) and we headed back down to the beach. Just about five minutes before we went back it started to rain pretty hard, which would have been a downer but it cleared out all the people.
It was pretty nuts though, because it had been like 90 and then when the storm moved in the temperature dropped like 20 degrees in about 2 minutes. So yeah, it was pretty chilly to be on the beach, but the water was a really good temp and yeah it was fun being with the group. At around 9 the lightning started again so we all decided to bounce out and as I was walking back to my car I could see the storm front moving in, it was a super cool looking storm front and as I got back to my car it started to rain and was pouring within another minute. I got back to the school and just tried to wait out the storm. After another hour the rain had stopped and people wanted to watch a movie. I just waited in the caf with some other people while a few people went and picked up the movie. We watched inception but half way through I felt like I should spend time in prayer and worship so that's what I did until I went to bed.

Well the day started out pretty normally, I slept as late as I could, so til about 8:30. I worked from 1 - 5 so I didn't really do too much before that. When I got back word reached me that people were going bowling but before that I checked the website for the cheap theater near by and saw that both Thor and Fast Five were there so that got added to the evenings planned events.
We headed over to the Eden Prairie bowling alley because they had free bowling this weekend and yeah it was fun. I started out pretty bad, but then I started watching the twins game and really didn't even think about the bowling which resulted in my throwing two strikes and two spares in a row, in that order. Yeah, it's random but it made it a lot more enjoyable. Then the Twins started sucking and I got irritated and ended the game pretty poorly. A few people wanted to a second game and I wanted to see if the Twins were going to blow it so I headed into the bar area to watch the rest of the game which only irritated me because they coughed up the win. So yeah we were there until about 9:30 and, which was about 15 minutes too much but people like trying to figure out stuff too much so yeah we left at 9:30 and attempted to go to the theater.
The car I was in supposedly knew where to go but we ended up getting pretty severely off course which resulted in us not getting to the theater til about 10:10 when the movie started at 9:50. So I bailed on that idea and spent most of the next 2 hours in a car driving around southwest Minneapolis. Kind of a bad way to end to the day but it happens. It reminded me that I need to always drive so that I don't get locked into anything by other people.

Started off like most other Sunday's so far this summer. Got up, went to Bethany Church then had lunch. I decided to get lunch from Lund's deli instead of cooking so I headed up to work a little early so that I could get the food and eat without risking being late to work. I worked from 2 - 6 and got back to campus as quick as I could. There was a firework display and carnival at one of the local parks so myself and large contingent of my friends from here headed up there. I went around 7 to get a spot on the hill so that we had a good view of the show. Around 8:30 the rest of the group started showing up and yeah we just relaxed until the fireworks started. It was a good show and really brought me back to my old days. It went for about a half hour after which I headed to my car. Because I had come early I got a really good parking spot and was able get back to campus in about 10 minutes, it took most of the rest of my group 30 minutes at least so yeah I was happy about that. I just relaxed with some of the guys before I went to bed.

Happy Fourth of July!
Well the day has been very low key so far. I am cooking up some ribs for lunch right now and will probably cut up a watermelon in a few minutes. I have to work this afternoon and will probably take it easy this evening.

So yeah, I was really looking forward to a low key and relaxing weekend but it has not been that at all. I guess I can look forward to having the evenings free for the rest of the week, but I am pretty wiped out right now.