Friday, July 8, 2011

Day to day

I have a certain routine to life these days and well I guess I will just chronicle the expected happenings.
Monday - Friday
Be at work by 7 am. On a good day I get there closer to 6, gotta get the OT. Work til at least 3:30 but occasionally as late as 5. When I get off depends on how I am feeling, what I am doing and whether I have to work at Goldy's in the evening.
When I do work in the evening I head to the dorm and change and try to get something to eat. The traffic can be kind of unpredictable so I give myself plenty of time to get up there and most of the time get there a little early. During those shifts I help any customers that do come in, but end up spending the bulk of my time straightening, cleaning, reading. The store closes at 9 so I head back when I wrap up there. I will usually just go to bed when I get back.
On days when I don't work in the evening my evenings will vary. If I leave at 3:30 I just go back to the dorm and relax for a while. In the evening I end up doing something with other people that are around. Many beach runs have occurred since the weather started to get a little bit crispy.

Saturday - Sunday
If I work then I really don't do anything else, I will go to service on Sunday but yeah working, when it happens wrecks my whole day.
When I don't have to work I will generally take care of any errands that need doing and I try to cook food for the week so that I can relaxing during my lunch break. Mainly just chill time.