Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's in a name?

While I was at sonshine the three fold signicance of my names struck me and yeah these are the last details that I will be sharing concerning the festival.

Meanings: Gift of God and Bear
So how does that fit me? I've asked myself that many times but am starting to understand it. I am being formed into a gift through all the things that God is doing in and through me. Being my first name I feel that it is central to my destiny and purpose on the Earth.
Having a name that also translates as bear just makes me laugh. Obvious parallels, I am hairy, gruff, can be loud, I like sleep a lot! Also, I am protective, solitary and I like to eat.
Meaning: Who is like God?
As I have real begun to pursue God that has been a main principle of my studying. All the things that I have been able see, hear, and do have culminated in me having some level of a grasp about how much better God is then every other thing that there is in this world.
Meaning: Shield
This one really struck me while I was at the festival. I can use the strong personality that I have (bear) and my growing love for people as motivation to protect weaker brothers and sisters from attacks. God has being help me see that every prayer request and dart of the enemy is aimed at Christ in me and that I can deflect and direct it all to Christ.