Saturday, July 23, 2011

How blessed do we need to be?

The fourth of July is long since past, but something came to mind that I was going to write about didn't have time to until now. We have this phrase, "God bless America" that I heard often around that time and will hear periodically throughout the year, but here are my thoughts about it.
This may be a misconception on my part, but when I hear that I automatically assume people are seeking more financial blessings, as if don't have enough. That may be incorrect, and I hope that it is but this nation has become so greedy and irresponsible with it's finances that I think my assumption would be at least partly true most of the time.
I will start with some stats, as of 2006 the average american income was $50, 233.00 while the average income globally in 2007 was $7000. I get that we are in a "recession" and legitimately there are more people then usual right now without jobs and struggling to get by, but for most the recession is just forcing to cut a couple luxuries, but probably not even all of them. There are two things that I read from that, either we don't consider ourselves blessed or we are so greedy and arrogant that we think we deserve more. Neither is really true but most people don't see it that way.
I would much prefer that we would say "God has blessed America, let's be a blessing to the rest of the world." My first thought is that that is a pretty wordy slogan, and yeah it's true but I'm have no doubt that God would bless us so much more than we understand. The most of the ones who actually know God have such a nervous following of Him that they don't want to trust Him with their finances. On a subconscious level there is a belief that God won't take care of us so we need to make sure we are secure. Most don't know how good of a Father He is. The number of good fathers in this country is shrinking at a scary rate, but God is the ever consistent Father who is continually and perfectly going to give us everything we need. But that may be where the fear grows from in a lot of people, He will supply our needs, food - shelter - love but may not supply all of our stupid whims.
It hasn't been easy for me to see these facts as a positive thing and I'm definitely still struggling with it.  I have already begun to see blessedness of following God with the finances that He has given me. So how do we need before we finally get that we are blessed, probably more then we have now - sad. What a good un-christian nation we are.