Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wake UP!

So a question has come to my mind, where are our priorities these days? I hear a lot of things about a “recession” in the economy. I don’t want to come across as completely cold and uncaring because for some, for many the recession has created a legitimate struggle financially. But I wonder, how many of the people who have been “devastated” financial are really only whining because of they have to avoid a few luxuries.
I just heard a commercial on the radio for a laser procedure to remove toe fungus which only discolors the nail. We claim to be in such a tight financial stretch but people are still spending money on this crap?! Are you serious?! It’s ridiculous. We are so comfortable with the lives that we live that having to give up some of it makes people piss and moan constantly. I don’t like giving up the comforts afforded me in the age, but for me it really comes to where my priorities are.
I would possibly say that that lesson is the one that is most prominently working on me still from this past school year. It really doesn’t matter what I want because by trusting God, actually trusting Him with everything, I will receive way better stuff across the board than I could ever get through my own labors. The struggle comes in surrendering without expecting to receive even while knowing that God will honor every sacrifice of worship to Him. And it must not be misstated; the praise and worship from the sacrifices must go toward Him. That’s a black and white statement, either for Him alone or for an idol and probably for most the idol would be an image of God, but just like in all the religions of the world it would be an image that can be grasped by our minds. That makes us no better than the religious leaders of Jesus day.
We need to reevaluate. To get back to what the Bible – Jesus says and let Him, in the form of the Spirit actually minister to us. What an honor that is, that God wants to minister to US! Let go of the fears, doubts, doctrines, and ideas that really shut the door on the work of the Spirit amongst us. If…when it happens and as it continues happening revival will roll across this country like wind across wheat fields.