Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hows IT going?

One of the guys that is living in our apartment this summer is a french guy named Nathan who is here trying to learn English. Well last night he was talking with one of the other guys and made the comment that we use the word get very often. "Get up" "Get out" "Get in" It wasn't the sort of comment that someone who is nationalized would make but was right on. Well it got me thinking about some other very American sayings. From my perspective, the most ridiculous one is "hows it going?" Like when you ask it people do know how to answer, or at least people usually do answer. But really what does "it" actually mean? Most of the time I would guess people mean how is life going but really "it" becomes a subjective word with no clear meaning or value. I kind of feel like Bill Clinton making a foolish statement but really it's kind of valid right? And no, I am not an English teacher or even an English buff but I just find it funny how we have this inherent knowledge about something that kind of means nothing.
Well there's the ramblings for now.