Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hard choice, right choice?

In my personal time lately God has really been wanting me to strip off some of the things which were slowing me down and distracting me from His perfect plans. The two that have been resolved in the last couple of weeks are with relationships and in the area of theft. For the last two + years I had been a member of a free dating site. Myself and some friends from bible school signed up because we were bored and I never shut it down. Well over this last year it kind of became my loop hole of getting dates but not really having any serious relationships with woman. There was a couple weeks near the end of the school year where I disabled my account but didn't have the courage/desire to delete it completely. I logged back in one day and my account was active again, nothing was really lost by it. Well after about a week and a half of summer vacation God was really laying it on me to remove it from my life. Not because I was doing anything sinful but just because it was such a distraction, which I guess is a sin of idolatry but yeah I deleted it completely and it honestly has been a lot easier this last week and a half.
Well kind of in the same time frame I had gotten hooked up with some software which allowed me to rip movie files. A nice little trick which I have had a great deal of use from especially this year. I totaled up over 100 movie files, most of which I would just rent from Redbox and rip overnight. Not technically "stealing" since I payed something but it's not my property and I don't need the shades of compromise in my life. Well I deleted every one of the files from my computer and external hard drive, permanently.
These weren't easy decisions for me because they are linked to things that have been and are close to my heart but I want nothing more than God's best in my life and as hard as it may be for me sometimes I must make the sacrifices that will honor Him first of all. I don't know what will be next, but I am fairly certain that there will be a next and I await it so that I may grow all the more into a man and the man that God wants me to be.