Sunday, May 22, 2011

Refresher course

So a reality that I have become familiar with over the last few years is the power of the spoken word. I first started scratching into it last summer as I began to think about and seek after our Christ given authority. It is one thing to understand that we have authority as a principle but to really use it and understand it takes a lot more time and effort. It is important that we begin to grasp just how much weight our words really carry. 
It has become more clear to me this year that words spoken about, to and over a person at any time can affect them through the rest of their lives. I have heard examples of people who had things spoken over them before they were even born which weren't dealt with until they were in their career years, late 20's+. 
Because of that weight it becomes all the more important to watch what we say. Simple jokes can be curses that weigh upon people years and words of encouragement can change a persons day, week, month and much further depending upon other circumstances. 
This principle was refreshed in my thinking last night at work. A coworker, allen, that I have only worked with a handful of times but have seen at Chi Alpha some times was there as I was getting there. He was outside the store talking to one of the other employees. I was a little early in arriving so I decided to see what they were talking about and stall before going in. It turned out they were talking about some differences in principle that they had with each other. Very shortly there after they concluded what they were talking about. I talked to Allen for a couple of minutes about things and just tried to encourage him that God is able and likes to use the simple vessels for His glory. He wanted to finish up what he was doing and I needed to clock in so I went inside. 
Fast forward about an hour and he comes up to me as he is walking through the store. He tells me that he remembered why I looked so familiar to him before. He told me that a few years ago I had been working with him one day during which he cursed. At that time I would have recognized him from Chi Alpha and I called him out on the situation. I didn't say anything strikingly profound but through God's working in it he was lead to repent and turned his life toward God. 
I am glad that I can't claim any of the credit for the turn around in his life and am humbled to know that God used a simple rebuke to change a life. I am not very good at it yet, but every lesson on the power of what I say is more valuable than I grasp in these days. For me I know that it is a never ending process of growth but cherish it dearly.