Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Talking about the Holy

Without confusing the issue I will lay it out flat. I am a Christian. I don't seek to follow a brand of Christianity, that being said from my perspective the celebration churches, as I call them - charismatic/pentecostal, have a better stance on some of the doctrines related to God the Spirit than some of the denominations that have been around longer, at least in practice if not in writing. Now I realize that sounds like a contradiction and is almost offensive to me to say so undoubtedly would be offensive to other people but it does go with the general course. Churches start out passionately, really desiring nothing more than to seek after and serve God. Call Him the Father, Jesus, Lord, the Spirit, all names for one God which is in three parts but that threeness far too often over shadows the oneness.
I am a Charismatic. I don't like stogy and boring worship. I don't like churches that don't allow for God to be active in at least their sunday services. Historically my stance has always been that I can go to any church regardless of the denomination. On a small scale that's still true but for a prolonged period of time, it would be difficult which is not to say that I wouldn't go to a church where I dislike some elements and am in favor of others. That sort of makes me typical for this age though. Just looking for a church that fits what I want and I have a great disdain for the typical so I will work on that.
I don't need to go to a church where everybody is freaking out and it's a wild mess. I don't think it's biblical. But I equally dislike where the atmosphere in a church is so oppressive that on a subconscious level everyone in attendance feels no need or desire to worship how they desire. Stand, sit, kneel, raise hands, dance, cry, shout, wave a flag, be silent in awe of God. And that last one is the one that we miss out on. We so want what we want that we lose sight of how awesome God is.
I'm guilty of it too. Talking about, thinking about, praying to the one true deity and forgetting about what He did. GOD BECAME A MAN! DIED FOR SINFUL ONES LIKE US! ARE YOU SERIOUS. We talk about it like we don't even care. My opinion, so few have actually experienced God that we don't know how glorious He is so of course we won't get out of our comfort zones to praise Him, give Him everything. We have emotional highs, false mountain tops but never allow for God to move. We have liturgy and hold it to such a sacred standard that to stray from it would drive half the congregation out if it happened more then once. Well fine, let them go. This order of service, liturgy for the "protestants," who don't really protest much anymore, is biblical in that it provides a guideline for the service, but it should only be a guideline.
How many times have you gone to a service where you get a bulletin but once the service starts rolling the pastor will get up on stage and say that the time will be taken in intercession and ministry from God. If He actually wants to be around us then why do we deny Him? He, the infinite, every present and so fantastically awesome God wants to be with us, BUT WE SHUT THE DOOR ON HIM. We all want what we want and wouldn't take anything offered to us for that to change. No level of sanctification, no level of increased passion, no blessings and giftings could ever get us to want to change. 
So we shut the door on the one who would come. The third person of the Trinity, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Spirit of Jesus, the one that Jesus said it would be better for us if He were here. I love Jesus, I want to honor Him for all my days and have had the opportunity to know my own sick depravity but really He said that it would be better for us to have the Pneuma. Everybody loves Jesus but few want that guy. Because occasionally things may get a little weird. He may actually stretch you a little bit. Oh what a tragedy that would be, for the "church" to actually get stretched.
Now, don't get it twisted, the Spirit doesn't glorify Himself. He is the witness to Christ. He is the equiper for us and we far to seldom allow Him in. So shut up, stop justifying and listen to God for a few minutes, He might just say something.