Monday, June 6, 2016

Maybe not.

Options come and go in life.
Opportunities like the breeze can come with refreshing but in an instant be gone.
Chances, well there are new chances each day, but even they are limited.
A couple weeks ago I wrote about a chance to travel with a team to Haiti, well that like all but one of the other potential destinations was removed from possibility. I knew the likelihood was there because past experience is the best educator, but also that other people were slow to co-sign. So slow in fact that I was told that I was the only one committed to going. So it's reasonable that the latest option was taken off the board.

Now I wait. Again. But in fact I never stopped waiting, because I expected that something would come up.  It's not all bad, so I'll get to the spin after.
Part of the motivation for going to Haiti was that there was an imposed expiration date on the funds that had come in. Well, since the last potential destination was cleared from the deck that deadline has has been suspended. Not indefinitely, but until another opportunity arises, which is at an indefinite point in the future. Yeah, double talk - I know. But they're doing right by me with it and I can't ask for much more than that from them.
That is the main silver lining, but is not the only one. It means that I get the benefit of having more time to choose a spot. I went to Turkey closing in on three years ago. Three years! It was a great trip. Purposeful and fun.

I still hope to go to a place where purpose and enjoyment mingle. Where, when I read the description I see the potential memories to make. In Turkey it was hiking up mountains to pray over a city, seeing ancient landmarks of the Christian faith, walking the streets of Istanbul and seeing things I never would have imagined, praying for a crippled man while walking those streets & still praying for him to this day - when I think of it. Purpose and pleasure together.

I don't like to admit but Haiti wouldn't have fit that. Sure there would have been some good memories forged but I just didn't connect with the idea of it. It would have been for duty over desire, not a bad reason but not the best reason by any stretch in this case. Paraguay was the place I wanted, but with Zika ripping through South America as it seems to be, I'm glad I was spared that chance.

Something will come along, eventually and I'll through it up as I have before. Until then, the maybe to Haiti is now unequivocally a maybe not.