Friday, July 8, 2016


Violence is nothing new. Regardless of worldview, history is packed with stories of violence. For Millenia the purpose was either to expand territories or defend those who wished to do so. That's an oversimplification but is also very true.

Now people kill each other over race or disrespect or just because they want to.

It's not new but even when it's justifiable, it's tragic.

My heart goes out to all the families that lost people this week. The police officers in Dallas last night, the two young men in consecutive days prior to that and all the unknown people who have died tragically.

Not that it was needed, as far as I'm concerned, but those events are all further evidence that the notion of safety is an illusion. Weapons can make a difference - positively and negatively, but they are not the solution or the problem. People will likely call for gun control and others will rail against the idea.

I like my rights as they are described in the constitution but the freedom we have now is already limited so if those that the majority elect see fit to change things I will abide, though not happily.

But I'm not here to talk about politics or current events, at least the ones that have happened already.
In less then six days I'll be boarding a bus bound for Washington DC. There's an event happening at the National Mall in support of the only thing that provides assurance and stability in these times - Jesus.

It's not a protest or a debate but a rally. Christians coming together to stand as one. Kind of the way the Church is supposed to do all the time, but that's a topic for another day.

I'll be boarding a bus and taking a 24 journey to the Capital. It's kind of a nightmare scenario for me. Being stuck in a very tight space for that long, both ways, with a bunch of people that I don't know is not my forte but it was an opportunity that I couldn't bring myself to pass up.

You see, after I found out that I wouldn't need any time off to go overseas I jumped at the opportunity to go with. Hopefully I can just sleep on the bus and that it'll have wifi so that I can do some video blogging, amongst many other things. 48 hours on a bus to spend one night in DC. Some may say that's foolish, I think it'll be more worth it than I can possibly imagine!

In honesty, ff I could change anything, I would have a gun to take with. But I don't have the extra scratch to afford one so I'll just trust in God's protection, which is a better option anyway!

500,000 to 1,000,000 Christians declaring themselves to be aligned with the scariest Being in the world, is scary to people who hate Him. Fear and hate make people do crazy things.

I hope that there are people from several branches of the protective services in attendance, to hear the messages but to stop someone from doing something violent as well. I'm not optimistic about any security being able to thwart what people may have planned, but God doesn't need my optimism. I know He can protect each person that will be there.

We can't be paralyzed with fear. Trepidation over the next shoe falling could ruin lives even when it doesn't end em. I don't want anyone else to be killed because of hate or fear or jealousy or stupidity. But I won't live with my eyes closed to the reality of the world today either. The notion of safety is an illusion, but God is real and He protects us from so much more then we know.

So, even as I'm apprehensive about what may happen in 8 days, I'm excited for it too.

Some of the greatest minds and best performers in Christianity will be coming together with the hundreds of thousands of us to show that Jesus is still the way to change, to reset.

It's Pulse's slogan and it's a few years old but nonetheless very accurate - we need a Reset. It couldn't come at a more fitting time either! Funny how God works like that, huh!

So, when you think of it, pray.

But if you can, get yourself to the Mall and stand with the rest of us at this most desperate time of need. Help show the world that Jesus can still make all things new. That He CAN and He DOES reset lives, when people will just turn to Him. Saturday, July 16 may go down in history as the start of another great revival, but only God knows. Let's just focus on what we can do today and tomorrow to bring about the change that matters!