Sunday, June 5, 2016

News on a loop, be prepared

I don't know if it's a trend or a coincidence but I guess I'm just seeing things anew that have been around since the beginning. Yesterday I wrote about the verbal sewage that gets spewed out so much these days, but really it was words that lit the fuse of the first sins by Eve then Adam. One of the next recorded sins is also still very much in play worldwide to this day.

Not attempting to hide our shame from God as he wants to be in a personal relationship with us. Though that is still in play for billions of people. Nor am I thinking of half - hearted offerings or the jealousy to those who give their best to Jesus.

If you know the Biblical story then you may be able to pin point my direction but I wanna keep tracking readership, so as always you'll find out after.Murder


Not the first sins nor the worst, since the first brought the rest but taking the life of another is a special kind of evil.

I don't regard it as the worst thing a person can do to another, but also won't argue too heartily with people who do regard as the worst. Stealing a lifetime of opportunities from another is heinous indeed.

It's important to draw a distinction between murder and killing, I think. Murder is cold blooded. Often for selfish gain at the cost of the other. A murderer is a killer but I don't think all killers are murderers. Consider a soldier protecting his nation, an officer protecting his community, a man protecting his home. At times, those and others are faced with scenarios where killing another becomes the only option. It shouldn't be easy, shouldn't be enjoyed, but in this violent, crazy world may be necessary.

I've heard it said that when purchasing a firearm, it's important to decide in advance how to respond if a situation arises which could merit use of lethal force. When I heard it, my mind flashed back to my days in the Boy Scouts. The motto that I heard and repeated countless times was "Be Prepared."

Not be afraid. Not be angry. Not be (insert word). Be prepared.

I've grown up hearing about shootings at schools, malls, theaters, homes, work places. It makes me sad, but out of sadness has grown a resolve. That I won't be a victim of other people. Hasn't come only from that, but it's indelibly a contributing factor. Won't be a victim. That means keep fighting. For a good job. For great opportunities. Fight on, march on, keep living. 

I take no enjoyment out of the things that may come down the pipe, but I will be ready to do what needs to be done in a moment's notice.

It's not of nearly the same magnitude but an example of it happened a while back. I was traveling to Iowa to watch the NDSU football team play ISU. Well, I had some car issues on the way down. Nothing that prevented it from being operated but which did add some risk to it and would need to be resolved. It was a Saturday so options of repair in Ames were limited but instead of panicking, I evaluated the situation and figured out a solution.

Over reaction causes internal issues that don't get things done. I'm not going to pretend like things can't overwhelm me, cause that would be straight Bull but slowing down before things happen is essential and I've gotten a lot better at that in recent years.

But things in this world aren't slowing down. I've heard of three different shootings in the last three days. Now I know, a lot of the media is on the payroll of those who want more strict gun control and I see the point of that, but it won't fix the problem. Thousands have died without a single mention by the media because it doesn't fit their agenda.

But what started so long ago is ramping up. It may never get as bad in this day as it did when people were put in the colosseum or crucified but the frequency of violence from coast to coast and all over the world is undeniable. 

No fear. No panic. Preparation. That means many things, but many SPECIFIC things. So while the news is kind of on a loop, sharing one horrific event after another as the days, weeks and months pass by, just be ready. That's what I'm reminded of when I hear a siren go off or the news relay another senseless murder. It'll keep looping, different names and places - all sad stories, but also just another part of the tapestry, just be ready.