Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thoughts of a thinker Part 1

Yesterday & today I have had quite a few lightbulb moments. You know what I mean, when something just clicks for the first time or for the first time in a new way.
The first one was trivial but was a bit a downer. I was at the gym & recognized the fact that with every passing day I get a little bit closer to being 30. It's like 5 years away still but I'm on the downward slope & kinda freaked me. I had to make a sincere effort to not have a panic attack about it. Like I said, it's trivial but that's why I started with it :-D
The rest of the the my realizations after the jump. They will be mostly disconnected but I'm just gonna combine them into one post so that it can be a decent length.
The second lightbulb that happened yesterday I consider to be more substantive.  It has to do with the formation of habits or a better word may be disciplines, I won't really know til I get my thoughts down. Very recently I have been been endeavoring to form some new health habits. What I eat, drink, & exercising have been focal since the weather has been getting nice. Part of the formation of new habits is a determined will, to make the choices that are necessary to improve ones life. As I've been thinking about it I see parallels & at least one difference between physical disciplines & spiritual ones. The choices we make have a very real effect on our Christian lives. I have a tangent to go off on that is related to that but I will wait til further down to do it.
Another likeness that I see is that it takes time for tendencies to change. The right choices can be decided upon but it takes time before they become automatic. That is where one difference I see comes in. In the physical life an improved habit is a positive thing, I'm generalizing of course but fairly true nonetheless. When it comes to the relationship with God disciplines are a wonderful thing - prayer, fellowship & reading the Bible to name a few; but when those things becomes routine, just doing it because that's what we're supposed to do or always have done religion may already be there or very likely is near at hand. I'm not trying to bash on Religion because the Bible does talk about Religion that Jesus loves, but the religion I'm talking about is just going through the motions. Being a dead/fruitless tree. The historical embodiment of the religious were the teachers of the law in Jesus day. Taking everything literally & making everything form but not know the Creator. The relationship is what counts & is what He wants. Let that sink in, someone as totally, radically & ridiculous AMAZING as Yahweh wants to have relationship with US. WOW!!! It's so over spoken that the fact of it barely phases us anymore, but really we shouldn't ever get past the awesomeness of that fact!
We should thirst for Him every day, seeking to establish godly disciplines in our lives but NOT doing it just to do it, do it to grow closer to Him. Just to enjoy Him, to actually know Him.

Because I'm getting super jazzed on how crazy amazing God is & it's getting a smidgen late & I kinda wanna just chill for the rest of the evening I'm going to break this up into 2 parts. I will compose the rest of my thoughts tomorrow. Woot for days off!

Thanks for reading.