Sunday, May 19, 2013

The state of these days

There have been a couple significant developments this week that are currently pending but are worth detailing here anyway.

This past week I put the last touches on the paperwork required to get back on track to finishing up with Bethany. I have to wait on approval of the school but if everything works out I will be using the funds that were raised to take 2 two week long trips to finish the Associates program. The balance of the funds will be used in a way that is yet to be determined but I will make a request for it's usage.

The second thing that I was able to get accomplished this week was submitting an application to Pulse Ministries to work in their prayer ministry department. If accepted I'll be moving to Minneapolis in August. Which creates a whole new set of things that have to get worked out but I'd definitely take that option.

So there are some potentially big changes in store for me in the next few months. It's all pending & I have a plan in place if I am not accepted, specifically into Pulse since that is the more long term pursuit. That would be just staying in Fargo, moving in with some friends & finding a new job. So I'm putting all effort into get the internship done.

So that's where I'm at these days. Minneapolis & big changes or Fargo & very few changes.  It's gonna be interesting but I will give an update once I get reports back.

Thanks for reading.