Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer 2013

This is a few weeks behind but I'll combine two concept posts into one as a result.
1) I'm gonna write a smidge about my Iron Man 3 escapade
2) This will be the kick off of my silverscreen summer.

Fair warning this isn't really gonna be a big deal but I like doing the writing as practice of another form of writing.
After going big watching The Hobbit last December I've pretty much decided that the movies that I look forward I will go big on. Going big means either Imax, 3-D, motion seating or a combination of those three.
After seeing The Hobbit I decided that I would go big on IM3. A few days after it opened I had a day off so I decided to go to Minneapolis for the day to see it & do some other stuff. I woke up just after 6 AM & headed down. It was an uneventful day & because I'm (sort of) cheap I went to the matinee to knock off a few bucks. I watched it in 3-D & kicked back in the motion seating. Before I get to the actual movie talk I'll comment on those elements briefly.
3-D is still fun & for certain movies, I would say action specifically, the motion seating is a cool feature but they really are over kill. I don't regret it & will probably utilize them again but they are extreme luxuries.
Now onto the actual movie talk.
Iron Man's one of my favorite trilogies out there. Before I saw the first one I didn't have any interest in comic book movies, after seeing it I became a big time fan. Of the three, this one was both the cleanest on content & best in story. The thing that stuck out to me the most is the prevalence of the message of overcoming. We all have had things that happen. Heck there was just a crazy tornado in Oklahoma that can't really be explained. But in ever life there is bad stuff that happens. How we respond & move on is that counts after the difficultly.
I'm hesitant to actually discuss the film because I don't want to spoil anything but if you are looking for a positive story that's clean except by the most rigid of standards, you should check it out.
So why did I call it summer 2013? Because more then about this one movie this is the kick off of the series for this summer. I don't plan to see as many as I did last summer but as I do I'll do a little write up because I want the practice.