Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A slippery slope

A couple days ago I had a convergent moment where a few seemingly unrelated things connect in a unique way.
The trigger for this connection was a photo I saw while I was at work. It was of a special needs paraplegic girl. The thought crossed my mind again of how America is so deeply divided & how history may be repeated in coming decades.
After the jump I'll get specific.
The history that flashed in my memory was of ancient, "barbarian" societies. That those cultures would sadly, tragically discard those whom were considered worthless. There's still a prominent contingent of our society that would be sickened by that if it happened here today but 60ish years ago the same probably would have been widely stated about people in regard to abortion & well...that's not how it is anymore.
On facebook today I saw a link to a memorial of all those lives that have been ended in the womb in North Dakota. Here's that URL actually. http://www.kxnet.com/story/22424019/66000-pink-blue-flags-adorn-capitol-lawn

It's a genicide of astronomical proportions but by so many people its considered another choice. But that's not exactly what this is about, it's just that it may be the the first step to a much greater genocide.
In recent days there have been more fictional writings about the extermination of certain peoples & there is a recent historical precedent for fiction becoming reality of sorts over time.

I hope it doesn't happen because even those people, with there limitations have a deep worth. The worth that is bestowed upon all humans because we are made in the image of the perfect one. Because Jesus loved us each so deeply that HE suffered, HE died.

Maybe it's a thin deal & there isn't a connection but it all clicked that way. With the way that America is  going I just think that it's possible in the future.