Friday, April 19, 2013

Observance 4/19/13

This is a couple days delayed from the initial thought, but after thinking about it more I'm still solid on the symbolism. That America, like every empire that has ever been is collapsing while it still exists. This is a short introduction but I have a lot to say below the jump.

The thought crossed my mind as I dealt with two individuals with every different perspectives on the gun/ammunition craze. I really don't care about the whole thing & after having to deal with people's mania for so many weeks I have a very low opinion of "gun types." Anyway, that's not what this is about.
For reasons I can't understand, because I can't really understand my own mind, it struck me as similar to a black hole. The research I did confirmed what I thought, that the "most common" way for them to be formed is through the "death" of a star. When a star collapses in on itself the black hole is formed but a super nova (star explosion) also happens. So basically as a star dies it forms a portal that sucks in everything in it's vicinity & at the same time there is a cataclysmic occurrence.
With the current state of things in this country I see definite parallel, but I also see it in the end of every so called empire. Grabbing for power, seeking personal gain, having/viewing the government as an enemy. Those are some of the historical & present things that come to mind. Maybe unique for us today is the frantic nature of people arming themselves, & the massive anti-Christian movement which summarizes basically every other national fracture that I observe, plus selling ourselves to China for basically all merchandise & to the middle east for oil.
God never tolerates sin. Do bad things happen, YES, are they always God, well you can think what you want, I say no. He allows kingdoms to rise but as those kingdoms become corrupt, the sin will decay & destroy them. Modern folk won't even acknowledge this because they refuse to think that God exists, while they preach "equality & tolerance."
I consider it God's grace revealing itself once again that He gave us a sign in the heavens of how things go as they end. If for no other reason, though I think there are more reasons, then to allow us to prepare for the future as the end is near at hand. I haven't looked into the typical process of a black hole forming enough to know the order of it, but for my sake & for the sake of the younger generations I hope the "super nova" happens early or as a precursor/warning to us.
From one perspective it could be scary, another would ignore it but as we stand on truth the parallel seems to clear to me to be ignored. That's just how I see it. I thank God for it if I am correct.