Saturday, April 28, 2012

Book worm? Maybe.

In trying to come up with some ideas for things to do this summer and also being in the process of transporting my possessions I had a thought. It may not be feasible but it's possible. With all the books that I have acquired lately I figured it's about time to starting reading them.
I've read some but most haven't even been opened so they are definitely a waste of space to me right now. Well, to resolve that I think I'm going to try to read a book a week.
I won't have a lot of time this summer to do nothing, but in my down times it would be much more valuable then watching movies or just wandering around doing nothing and wasting gas/time.
I'm thinking that I will post about each book as I read it and when I'm done. Not all in here but the first one since it's convenient!
I've heard all the chatter about the Hunger Games with the movie and everything but hadn't heard anything of it til like two months ago. Well once I found out that it was actually a book before the movie I felt like reading the book first. Some say it's a bad idea, but I'm not too critical about missing details in movie versions.
It wasn't until yesterday that I actually bought it though. I've read the first three chapters already and it's a pretty good story getting started. I'm kind of looking forward to the parts that make the movie but that'll come later.
For now, I have an idea and ambition. What comes later will come but I've always liked to dream and try to do my ideas.

So I finished the book over the weekend.
Honestly, it lived up to the hype.
A really good story line, predictable to a degree but written in a way that made me want to read it and I read it fast.
Now one of my buddies is reading it so I have to wait for him before I can watch the movie, which is fine because I want the cheap seats if possible.
Not too much to say, it was a good novel.