Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I had to think a lot about this one. The world that we live in is earnestly attempting to reshape the definition of this word. It is and has been the initial group of relationships between people connected through their genetics.
But the Western World is really trying to change that. People can have children together and not have any level of commitment to each other.
Even when people feel enough affection for each other when the relationship becomes to much sacrifice they or just one decides to end it.
More than that, "family" can be used to label things that are termed as abominable in the Scriptures.
It's really irritating to me because God established the family. His father heart breaks to see so many things that masquerade as family. It goes beyond that though, Love has been undermined. Sin is like the ultimate taboo word. You can't actually tell others that they are wrong for what they do. But we're supposed to, in God's timing and with His words.
I'll keep writing after the jump.
My motivation for voicing this came last week...or maybe the week before.
I was having a rough time with some news that came from back home. The first thing that came was that I just didn't want to be here anymore.
It hit me again how limited the time on Earth that we have and I wanted to get back to the ones I Love.
Well, my commitments down here didn't allow for such things to happen, yet. What did happen was that I got a refreshed vision of the community...the family that I have here.
I wish that the world would come into alignment with the truth and know what the true family of God is. I've always had a sense of family being more than just the biological connection between people.
The family that I've been put into his my foundational set of relationships though. As I've grown it's become more clear how to prioritize them and appreciate them and understand that the best things need to be fought for.
I'm learning it and still have a lot left to learn.
What I know is that God created the family structure both in the physical realm but also in the spiritual. Attacks will come.
It will be difficult.
But nothing that is truly good comes easily.