Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's a wrap

Two years. Two years more of training that have come and gone. Two years of building relationships and learning about my Savior. Two years of the highest highs (yet) and the lowest lows (yet). Two years come and gone that are now complete.
It's a wonder, time goes by so quickly, seems to be speeding up week by week and month by month, maybe we're getting closer to the end. For now, I am at the end of one season and entering the page turn into a new one. From formal classroom time to the mission field. I'm hoping it is the most exciting page turn time yet.

School's done.
The summer has started.
It's a strange change though.
I was expecting a big to do about people leaving, that's how it was last year at this time. But it wasn't like that at all. It was quiet around here. Nothing too much went on and people trickled out.
It's saturday morning and except for the knowledge that summer starts now, it just feels like a normal weekend.
I'm moving upstairs, that's probably the biggest immediate change.
I start work on Tuesday morning and that will be a pretty big sign of the change of time.
For now, it's summer, school is wrapped up and the possibilities for my next four months lay in a dense fog, invisible to my sight. I'm not nervous though, except for in the most excited of ways.
It'll be a good summer.