Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where the rubber meets the road

So I have grown up in America, and have heard a lot that we are "Christian" nation, a "post - Christian" nation and a lot of other garbage really. This is a nation that has a lot of images of Christianity but anyone who thinks this is a Christian nation is either extremely naive or from another country. BUT this country still has a great many people who are truly Christian, and even more who would say they are. Thankfully a movement has been stirring and continues through these days, of powerful prayer as like that of the first church.
I have seen many people who are very passionate in their pursuit of God through prayer and have been shaped into that very much this year. It started for me a couple years ago at AFLBS when I really started to see the fruitfulness of fearless, fully surrendered prayer but has really been worked in me this year. Coming from a background where prayer was mostly only seen before meals and at the weekly service I am glad that I have gotten beyond that limited reality. From what I have been hearing prayer has been spreading through all denominations and across the world.
It is my conviction that prayer allows for people to meet God, beyond doctrines, theologies, ideologies and everything else and really become the Church again, at least for a little while. I am also convinced that the prayer movement is being stirred by the Spirit as the first stages of preparation before the End times come upon us.
I am going into summer and as much as I fight it right now, it's a pretty emotional time for me and I am taking that as a chance to dig into God more through prayer. During our 20 minute break from class myself and 5/6 other students got together to pray for the unsaved ones in our lives. While I was praying I had a clear sight of shockwaves sweeping over America that represented the prayers of the saints changing this nation.
God wants us to pray, A LOT, individually and in groups but at all times. It's gonna be crazy tough to get to that place in my life, but I want that sort of prayer life and I would say that all true followers of Christ want that kind of prayer life too.