Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I have to admit that I'm not exactly sure how this one will turn out. I pretty much always just write as the thoughts come and hope that it makes sense. This one though feels different. Maybe more personal, which would say a lot because I always try to be personal with what I write.
As the letters spell I am gonna talk about purpose. I've been thinking about it in a round about way the past week or so but got struck with the inspiration to write while at work today.
Well, here goes!

I think there is an inherent element to purpose. Everything has value and I think everything has a purpose.
But let me back up a little bit first. A week or so ago an apparently well known lion was killed in Africa. I'm not going to get into the politics of it or whatever because I'm tired of hearing about it but the days after I saw a lot of posts about the fact that people, from media on down, were making a big deal about this lion but the global genocide goes rarely spoken of and is, seemingly, more accepted by the day. I say seemingly because, well the media is full of it, by in large. I hate that millions of children have been killed because the people who had sex just wanted the pleasure without any concern of the responsibility that is a natural result of the act.
As I think of it now though, I wonder if the death of that lion was for the purpose of sparking people who understand that people are more valuable than animals. If an animal had to die to get Christians to again get off the seats then it was totally worth it. Now, I understand that there are plenty of people who refuse to bend their knees to Jesus who know that humans are more important then animals but my focus is on Christians because our purpose is higher. Better. More important.

I hope what I say comes across in the most certain, clear and direct way possible.
The purpose of Christians is glorify the Holy One.
Our purpose is to represent Him on this earth. We make mistakes, often and are vilified for them because of the standard of the Bible and the hatred that is inherent against us by those bent on self destruction.
Our purpose is also to bring people into a relationship with Him.

It's the greatest of all purposes. In comparison, nothing else matters.

I've heard over time that some of the now dead children would have had birth defects and tough lives as a result. Not to be crass but, so what?
Just this afternoon, while at work, I saw a woman at the park. She was pushing a fancy wheelchair and the man in it was at most my age and I would guess younger. The hateful, the proud, the uncaring would wonder and may ask why let him live in that condition. Well it hit me like a bag of bricks. Even someone such as he has a purpose. matters. is priceless.
I don't know what the far reaching effects of lives such as those can have but I know that Jesus couldn't be stopped by the grave so I would not ever want to stand in the way of Him working through the lives of those who have maladies and disabilities. I fear and weep for those who know nothing of this. Who kill and maim and hate those whom they consider to be lesser for there is a wrath waiting for them that can not be expressed in words.
Man, I love that God is willing to forgive and accept the repentant but it requires repentance. turning away from the abominable acts of sin that are so enticing to perform. Turn to Him. It's not too late but soon...some day it will be and it wrecks me that so many will know that unleash.
I don't type these words unsympathetically or with judgement. I'm bawling right now. It hurts to think about all the losses.
How so many with such grand purpose are being lost.
How the Christians are so rarely going after our purpose. I include myself in that. I fail. I miss and skip opportunities but it is our purpose. To be the Salt. To be the light, upon a hill for all to see.
Such a great purpose
I wish I would have known a few verses to draw from so this wasn't just my stream of thoughts but if you don't like what I said. If you don't want to believe but want to believe what the Bible says dig into it, find out what it says. Listen. Learn from JESUS. Know your purpose.