Thursday, August 20, 2015


I didn't have much of an intro for this one, but want to keep track of whats happening with this little slice of the internet.

I know I'm only 27 so what I'm about to say is a little bit over dramatic but it seems true nonetheless. The older I get the less I seem to understand of life. I don't understand how things happen as they do. Why they happen the way they do. The timing of what happens. I really just don't understand any of it.
It kind of blows.
But it's also a big part of life. Taking things in stride. Trying to understand but all the while knowing that things just happen. I can define it down by the sin brokenness that is awash in this world but is that really all the leads to these tough to answer questions. If they even can be answered at all. I think there's an equal measure of people's choices that factor into it.
This is borderline existential but I think that's unavoidable when trying to understand things that are tall and broad and deep. I don't understand how things work. I see and hear of healthy children being born and rejoice over it. In the same time frame I hear of perpetual struggles related to infants and children and weep over that.
People are murdered. People commit suicide. Wars rage. Hate flares up. Words of love are spoken. The hungry are fed. The naked are clothed. People live. People die. I don't understand it. I don't like it. I wish it were different. I long for things to be different.
But I'm one small guy. Haven't even finished a college degree yet, which coincidentally is what has triggered me to think on these things.
People make choices.
People make mistakes.
I do. Daily. Well, maybe not daily, but too often for my liking. There's a promise of a brighter future. It's part of why Revelations is my favorite book in the Bible. Sifting through what may be analogy or could be descriptions of literal events and creatures but understand that Jesus has won. That He reigns and that He will reign on this Earth, eventually.
The one true God will do away with all the messiness. Will have a kingdom that my feeble mind can not comprehend, yet so eagerly awaits
I didn't mean to go this way when I had the idea of writing on this but Jesus deserve all the glory that I and all others can give Him. So much more beyond, but all that we can give at least.
I don't understand how things happen the way they do. Why or when. I don't understand it. But I keep going. I see the pain. I feel it but I keep going. I don't expect answers. Have trouble believing that I can make a difference but I keep going. I'm in this time, this place for a reason. For reasonS that I don't need to understand but face as I continue on.
Things will keep getting worse, another promise.
Things will be tough. A promise.
The one true God will reign. A promise.
He has victory. A promise.
So I can keep wondering. I can keep asking questions. Seeing, hearing and feeling as much of the world as possible but I can't lose track of the fact that there are promises. There are truths which supersede all the nastiness of the world and all the best things as well. It will be tough but it will also be SO good! We just can't stop. Can't get hung up on the "best" or the "worst." Through it all, hold onto the promises.