Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Light. Life.

A fun,  natural example of how things go has been happening in my apartment this week. Before I continue, just to be clear it's nothing sinful or questionable but fun.
A few months ago I got a chia statue. Now that I've moved into my new apartment I have the space to break it out. The seeds sprouted a couple days ago and each day I move it so that different parts can get good light. After a few hours the buds always move towards the light, it hasn't failed yet and I don't anticipate it not happening any time soon.
That's not breaking news or anything but like I said it's a cool example of how things are. That there is a natural attraction to light. For plants but also for people, at least people who want to actually live.  Those who resist to go towards the light of Jesus only find death.
If a plant dies in the dark it's not a big deal. For every person that chooses and fights to go into the darkness for all eternity there is a genuine tragedy.
In a world where going to the movies or college or on a plane could lead to ones demise, fighting to be in the darkness can't be quantified.
We get one life to live. Sinning is a natural state but there is also a natural attraction to light, truth written on our hearts if you will. Each of us has the option to run, fight, live going towards the darkness or the light. Only one life. A finite number of days that none of us knows the number of. But we get to choose light and life or darkness and death. Plants, nature, know how to choose. Funny that we, at the top of pyramid, seem to have such a hard time with it so often!