Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Just a heads up, this is a straight up rant. When approaching sensitive, controversial or major topics I try to write with tact but directness. Well for this one I'm going to dispense with the tact, for the most part.

A rant.

So that's the warning. If you want to know the subject you'll have to read on. If you are sensitive about blunt directness or about the topic that I'm going to be spouting about then you won't want to read much past the jump if at all.

Anyway, here goes!
Let me begin with what I hope is a pretty obvious statement, I'm a Christian. The Bible is the the Truth. What it says are the most important facts in all history of all the Earth.  Well, two of the preeminent miracles from it have become the basis for 2 really stupid stories.
The virgin birth of Jesus
Jesus resurrection from the dead.
One has become symbolized by a fat guy who satisfies the greed of children in western civilization. The other is represented by a rabbit.
How is that anything but insulting to all people who are christians?
I get that we're all selfish and way too comfortable in and with the culture, though some have chosen to rightly fight certain battles (abortion, the LGBT mafia, the destruction of the family) but for most people it's a complicitness to how things are just because that's how they are.
A fat guy and a rabbit
That's how Jesus is represented. It's a disgrace. They are lies. Told to children, which is also pretty terrible. Manipulating kids. Leading them away from the truth. It's not a surprise that people who reject Jesus would come up with false things by which to celebrate major holidays. Or that companies would capitalize off of it because of the money involved and they operate the same way for pretty much all holidays so it's no surprise at all. But what is so annoying is that so many believers are complicit with the delusions. The lies.
Will it change? Time will tell, but it should. Because Jesus is way more important then some fat guy, a rabbit or anything else in all the earth!