Wednesday, April 10, 2013

reflect & advance

Something I've noticed over years of listening to music is that is both reflects & advances the culture that it is apart of. On the Godless side people are just trying to make the best of their lives. The meaning of their lives is predicated around what they do - having sex, drinking, drugs, possessions, profession. Any and all ways to make living serviceable, bearable & as easy as possible. The music that they listen to promotes their lifestyle. That's the reflecting part. It's more accurate to say promotion of the "advancement." The homo-sexual agenda, godlessness, & false love are increasing in prevalence.
After the jump I will add a couple songs & continue the opining.
On the Christian side I've noticed in recent years too. A renewed commitment to passionate & original praise. Not disregarding the classic hymns but embracing them & using them as a launching pad for the new songs. Songs that have emphasized the prayer movement that is thankfully starting to permeate the Church are starting to rise from artists & congregations alike. The thing that sparked this posting & that I hope will continue were a couple songs that go after the issue of spiritual warfare/satans labor.

From what I've heard & read Lucifer was the archangel of music, the heavenly choir director if you will. When he was cast from the dwelling of God music was still pretty crucial to his wheelhouse so like any strategist he used his strengths in the fight against God & to capture souls. In this case, music, that's the secular side of it. As christians we need to continue to identify & educate about his methods because he's every bit a snake. I'm not sure this section fits into the whole of the posting but hopefully it makes sense!

So I reached a wall in thought so I'm just gonna jump to the songs & if I think of anything else to say I will below them.

Satan wants to advances the principles that lead people away from God. Any method will be used to get that done. If & hopefully as christian's become more aware this the music will continue to reflect & advance in the fight against him. Our lives are for God, nothing else matters. The song we sing - our lives, must reflect that.

Enjoy. But think.