Monday, June 18, 2012

10 Weeks...

Well the time is time is coming quickly for me to leave. It still feels very recently that I was just finding out that I was going to Kenya definitively and who I was going with. There's been a lot of work done to get to where I am. In addition to the $17,500+ that I've received in donations so far I have received a few very generous pledges which will bring my total to over $19,000.
That still leaves me a long way to go in the process though. I have to reach 95% ($24,225 pledged or donated) before I will be authorized to purchase my plane ticket. In addition to that, I have long list of immunizations that need to be taken care and all the requires of getting my visa. The costs of both the immunizations and the visa are covered by your donations.
To get an even better understanding of other preparatory actions that I am taking go below the jump!

Travel - Includes return airfare - 2 tickets
Medical/Travel Insurance
Mid-Year Conference Cost & Airfare
Apartment Set-up Furnishings, Etc.
Language School 3 months
Miscellaneous (passport, visa, etc.)
Taxes on Initial Costs
Bethany Admin Fee (12%) - on Initial Expenses
First Two Month’s Expenses (see monthly total below)

Expenses (Monthly budget)
Housing and Utilities
Transportation (public transport passes, gas, etc.)
Base Fee (shared ministry expenses, field assets, ministry transportation)
Personal Ministry (evangelism, outreaches, field assets, ministry transportation)
Miscellaneous (clothing, furnishings, postage, recreation)
Taxes - primarily Social Security
Bethany Admin Fee (12%) - on Monthly Expenses
Monthly Total

Budget Summary
Initial Setup Budget
Monthly Budget x 14 months (2 months are setup)
Total Budget
Maximum - 130% of Budget

That is the budget break down for the foreseeable elements of my mission. It's impossible to know and be prepared for every possible thing that could arise.

Beyond just the dollars & cents of it, there is the team that I will be going with. One of the woman, Naomi, is living on campus for the summer and has been working at the same factory as me for the last couple weeks. She spent a few weeks at home to start the summer and made a lot of progress in her fundraising. Mainly through speaking at churches she has gotten very nearly fully funded.
Each of the other members of the team have gone to their respective homes to do fundraising.
The other woman, Amanda, is from southern Minnesota and has been working as a nanny for the summer while she also her fundraising.
Andrew is from Mississippi and has been the most creative of the group in spreading the word about the mission. He's visited churches and businesses all around his community and as of a few days ago was at 70% of the necessary amount.
Joseph is from Maine. He spent the first few weeks of the summer here, but felt like it was right for him to go home. He has the most long term passion for the region of Africa that we are going to be in. Funds have been a little slower coming in for him, but God's Will will be done.
The same can be said for Nathan. He's from rural Kansas and has had a slow time with his fundraising.

The reality of it is that a team of four is likely but with God all things are possible so all six of us could still be on the plane going down.
Communication has been occasional, some text and facebook messages as big things happen but this is a big time in the process so it's none too regular.
Please pray for us.
Pray that all the details fall into place, that motivation is awakened and rekindled. Pray that we all learn the lessons we need to know before we go. Pray that this team would be a team, not 4, 5 or 6 individuals. Pray that our prides would be crushed, that our personalities would compliment each others.  Pray that we would be ready, that the Enemies attacks would be identified and fought against.

It's tiring right now, and I'm admittedly nervous about the whole journey. The team members look to me to be the "leader" and it's a responsibility I want but that terrifies me. Pressure to do everything I want to do and not fail is suffocating. So I need your prayers. Because God's put this group together and I'm supposed to lead it from a student stand point. He will help me, of that I am sure. But I need your help to. Thank you for all the donations that you have given, it's incredibly humbling to me, I'm not done raising yet and would ask that any of you that feel the Lord's leading to give or give again would follow it - prayerfully!
More important now and later though, I need your prayers.