Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Heart of a Champion

So I am fudging a little bit on what I was intending to do. My idea was to only write about new movies that I see in the theater but am gonna open it up to other new movies that I see this summer that I think are worth writing about.
To that end, I gonna do a little write up on "Cinderella Man."
I had never seen it before but remembered hearing a lot of good things about it when it was new. One day was I was perusing the movie section at the local pawn shop I saw it. It was only $2 so I thought I would pick it up.
I knew the movie was about boxing and that it had Russell Crowe in it, so I thought it had potential but I was impressed. To go from hoping on a day to day basis whether work will be available to have food and shelter for his family to being the toast of the boxing community is inspirational enough for me to like it. It really is a story of a real life overcomer. I'm not gonna try to Christianize it, but we are called to face adversity, walk in God's strength and be "more then conquerors."
While I was watching I become very aware of the cleanness of it too. Usually PG-13 films are borderline, sometimes very offensive but occasionally worth owning and watching. This one falls into the small latter category. Still had some profanity but really could have been much worse.
Putting family first and being able to do what he loved to do are things that come rarely for any man, but to do it successfully is really impressive. In my opinion that is the real definition of the heart of a champion!