Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Dude Double Feature - the 50/50 split.

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is go to the drive in theater. There are two in twin cities metro area, both on the East side. I'd been to each one once and had been waiting to go back for another late night of movie watching.
One of the theaters shows 2 movies, the other shows 3. Both start after dusk, 9:45+ PM. Both are $8 for admission. So the decision comes down to whether one wants to be up til 2 or 4:30 AM and what they are showing. I don't mind staying up so it all comes down to the weekends showings.
That brings me to the point, last week I went to the drive in. It's in Lake Elmo and there was a group of around 12 who came from school.The movies of the night were "Snow White & the Huntsman" & "Battleship."
I hadn't really read much for reviews on either movie but had heard they were decent. It wasn't completely inaccurate information.
Snow White was a conglomeration of a bunch of other movies, mashed together with the information of Snow White as the glue. Think Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Robin Hood & pieces from basically any other successful bed time story with action in it.
There was a lot of action. Thus the title, "Dude Double Feature." But really, so many elements of the film bordered on Satanic Darkness that it was kind of difficult to deal with. I don't want to bash on what the story line typically is but it got screwed up by Hollywood. For a movie full of action, sure it might be worth watching but not for kids or people that have an issue with the spiritually dark elements from Harry Potter.
The tough thing about it is, that was the better of the two that I saw. Battleship was garbage. Acting was terrible. Action was lacking. Story line was lame and predictable. Don't bother. It's still a dude movie but really, I wanted to go to sleep.
At some point I would maybe see Snow White again, under the right circumstances. I really hope I never see Battleship.
It was a 50/50 split. Both were bad but for very different reasons. That's all I have to say about that.