Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Summer Movie Review

By no means do I want this to say that I'm gonna go movie crazy this summer, but it is a time for many of the biggest and best movies to get released during the year so I figure I would give some space on here for the new ones that I do see.
The Avengers (5/4/12)
I let my nerd out a bit on this one. I've been super excited about it for a while now.
Iron Man is still my favorite character and this did nothing to change that, but Hulk was pretty crazy cool too. It was a pretty decent story line with a bunch of action and an unexpected amount of humor mixed in. Having this one as my first of the summer set the bar really high, but I'm not going to judge future viewings by my enjoyment of this one.
I usually never see a movie in the theaters twice but I am pretty sure I will go back for a repeat viewing on this one, possibly at the drive in, if it is accompanied by one or two other ones that I want to see, if not then at a regular theater. Either way, it was a great one!

The Hunger Games (5/12/12)
So I read the book in like a week and have wanted see the movie since it came out but was waiting for the right opportunity. Well I was looking a couple days ago and found an early AM showing for $5 so I jumped on it. I was one of 5 people in the theater but it was worth the early wake up.
As far as books to movies go I am not much of a snob, I really don't like complaining about minor details as long as the main plot stays in tact.
With that said, I noticed some difference but was really good with the movie. It was clean for PG-13, except for some intense action sequences and a few profanities.
It really did capture the depressing nature of the story line very well. That 24, 12 - 17 year olds have to fight to the death is unthinkable in our society, maybe. But there have been times where vicious brutality was used as entertainment and it's very possible that humanity could revert and repeat that trend. In any case, it leaves something to be considered about the nature of men and does a good of entertaining, kind of a conflict there, but it makes sense in my head.
Like I said, it was worth waking up by 9 on a Saturday to see. I don't plan on seeing it again in the theater but a rental (if I'm still in the country at the time) seems very likely.