Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On a Mission

So let me just begin by saying another thank you to my older brother Tom for spending so much time in training just help me get to fully funded for Kenya. I really appreciate it brother!
I also need to thank my dad and mom for putting so much effort into spreading the word about the marathon but also about my internship as a whole.
Last, but certainly not least I want to thank everyone who so generously has given toward this mission. Estimates right now leave the amount raised from the marathon at more then $5,500. Considering the goal was $2,600, this is super humbling. Thank you all.
Before I get to the photos and a synopsis of race day I wanted to drop a semi - fitting song into post. It's a rap so if that's not your type of music just skip over and hit the link!

Tom coming up to where the half & full intersected 

Feeling good & having fun

South Fargo coming down

Near Nativity

Driving on the way to the last stop

Between miles 22 & 23

The morning started early, around 6:45 AM. The race started at about 8:15 so we got up to North Fargo and walked to the starting line. Only one of us, his wife, actually saw Tom go by in the first mass of people but shortly after they got by we walked over to where the half - marathon and the full nearly intersected (they turned in different directions at the same intersection). 
We waited there for a while longer to see some others pass by in the half marathon, but about 9:40 we made our way back to the vehicle to head to South Fargo. Luckily for us, my dad had planned out all the spots to stop at and corresponding times to get there by.
The next location we ended up at was near South University and 32nd Ave. While the race went south for another 4 miles, the location was a good place to camp out at and see everybody go down and come back, like I said, dad did a good job of planning!
We got there and after about 15 minutes Tom came running down the road. We did the cheering but pretty quickly he was on his way. It took about 35 minutes before he made the return pass. While we waited we saw the head pastor from my parents church who was also running in the marathon. At this point Tom had gone just over 18 miles and was starting to look the part, understandably!
After he passed by we quickly jumped into the vehicle and headed up by Nativity. There was a lot of people at this area. Partly because of an event at the church and partly because of the race. Some people were handing out Orange slices, others Water, some even gave out Jolly Ranchers. We did our best to encourage him, but he made a quick comment about being near the end, but still having roughly 6 miles to run.
From there we started going back to the Fargo Dome to wait for the runners to start coming in. On the way though dad noticed an area right off the road where he could park so he took advantage and we made one last stop.
More people were giving out water and orange slices here. I knew Tom would be coming soon so I grabbed a cup so that I could get a hand off in. Sure enough, as I was getting close to where we parked he made the turn and I got him the water, but did spill some in the exchange.
From there we hustled up to the Dome to wait for him to make the last leg of the run. So from about 11:40 on we waited and watched people come running in. All the while the clock ticking closer to 4 hours, Tom's goal was to make it in less then 4. But then it ticked past, I genuinely felt disappoint cause I was hoping he could have that mark. Then his face flashed briefly across the screen of the jumbotron and we knew he was about to come up the ramp.
I had gone down on the floor of the Dome to get a better view and just to keep showing my appreciation. He crossed the line and started slowing down, much deservedly!
I met up with him on the other side of the Dome so that we could connect with Dad, Mom & the Aase's. Pictures ensued but he was pretty worn out. 
Luckily a nice steak dinner got prepared by our patrons later that evening.

All in all as a fan it was a really good day. I hadn't taken advantage of the marathon atmosphere ever before but having someone close to me who is making so much sacrifice on my behalf clarified my perspective about the whole thing. He said he won't ever do it again, no one can blame him for that, but  he deserves a lot of credit for running the race and moving me so much further toward the completion of this goal!
Thank you again brother