Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book 2

It took longer than I wanted to read my second book of the summer, "Revival Praying". Partly because I have been so busy, but also because I tried to do summaries for every chapter and that didn't work to well in the time crunch. I found the book at a local Christian bookstore that is going out to business so I got it for a couple bucks. I plan to read it again and mark it up, but won't try to do a summery type thing in such a short period of time.

Anyway, there was a lot of things which fed into the main point of the book, but essentially it can all be boiled down to saying that apart from a vibrant prayer life, revival won't happen.
Not memorized prayers and just rote quoting, but the outpour of the heart to God. Spending a bunch of time just listening to God...the part of prayer most people miss. Cultivating intentionality in pursuit of God. Relationship requires communication. We need revival because most christian's don't have the relationship.
I'm really boiling this down to the super basic stuff. In the listening stage is when direction for prayer happens. Instruction from the Rabbi happens. Seeds of the fruit of the Spirit are worked into us.
We're all American's and far too busy. Ignoring the command to have a Sabbath but still trying to say we have a relationship. We can't sin (we will, but we can't just say screw it all, I'm going to do what I want), but call people to repentance while we are.
It's a joke.
It's sad.
When people pray congregations are transformed.
When people pray the Spirit moves.
When people pray we know God.
It's tough. But a relationship I have with someone from school has shown me that the hardest things that exist in this realm result in the best things. History shaping type things.
People must pray.
People must listen.
Praying & listening in private places, not for the attention that a good intercessor can attract but to get in alignment with what He wants. What He has to say.
It's all for God. If we live that we there will be revival. Not pockets of it. Localized to a single congregation or town or state or even a nation but when people live all for God the world will change. Every tribe & nation.
We can't ignore prayer.
We need to pray. A LOT
We need to open up our schedules, get low before this glorious God & just let Him talk. Or more correctly, open our ears and hear what He is already saying.