Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The turning of the page

It's March 13 and it definitely feeling like this is a changing period for me.
At this moment is 50 degrees and the forecast says high 60's today and mid 70's tomorrow. That's just the natural example.
I have 6 weeks and 3 days left til summer. Nearness of the change of pace combined with the beautiful weather creates spring fever within me.
At least I have March Madness starting in a couple days. My schedule is pretty full but as much as I can I'm gonna be enjoying the competition.
Is there anything else, well I got a promotion at my job. It's nothing too major but it's a pay increase and gets me off the cash registers. I'm slightly freaked out about working with customers all the time though. At least I know a fair amount about Electronics already so that will help.
I am wondering what will come on the next page of my life. I can estimate some things but much is out of sight right now.
 6 weeks out summer seems to be shaping up for me to be on campus again. Maybe it's too logical and God will take me in a different direction like He did last summer but that's what I see so I am going that way. With one job already and the ease of getting another because of my Bethany connection it only makes sense.
I may live by myself again and still but for budgeting purposes I will look for a roommate. In any case, the campus is going to be a variable ghost town. No seniors, only a few renters and January Freshmen. Well it could be worse.
I'll be working a lot so that will be nice.
The best thing as far as I can see about the next page, is that my last brother will be getting married! Three brothers and then three sisters. At the same time I will finally get to meet my niece so that's gonna be a pretty good trip.
That's really the main check mark that I want to get crossed off this summer. Seeing all the people that have been so supportive of me for so many years as I try to continue on this journey in pursuit of Christ before I leave for Kenya.
That's a chapter to be written for sure. I'll be going to another country for almost as long as I've been a student at BCOM. For now I'm just looking at the time that's right around the corner.
I'm sure there will be much more that will happen over the coming 4 months of "freedom." But that's what I can see and look forward to at this point.
I've still got six weeks plus three days left of school and am going make the most of it. Can't miss the present for the future, even if the page of life seems to be turning very quickly!