Sunday, March 18, 2012

Revision and revenge?

So apparently yesterday was St. Patricks day. I knew it was coming soon but had no idea when, then I saw bunches of people wearing green. I had to work pretty much all the day long so didn't enjoy it...not that I would have anyway but yeah.
While I was at work I was reflecting on the way that major holidays - days of reflection, have been made ridiculous. Christmas is more about a jolly fat man then about the birth of the Lord. Easter is more about bunnies then a suffering Savior. St. Patrick's day is another excuse for people to get drunk and live in sin instead of about a man of God who devoted his life to seeing Ireland changed.
There are more examples but it makes me wonder what will come of all of it. I'll give my theories after the break.
I'm not exactly sure how to say because I want to try to be delicate, but there really isn't anything delicate about this point. God is storing up bowls of wrath against the earth. I take that from Revelation 16. I read Revelation literally and that is a scary thought when cross examined with stories from the Old Testament. There are 7 bowls and with each outpouring the destruction increases.
There are many modern events that have gone into these bowls, the genocide of infants in the womb, the assault and destruction of the sacred union of marriage, the twisting of His words for selfish ambition and improvement but for the sake of thought, I would add the defamation of days of remembrance and all of these within the "church."
I bet that His anger is stirred much more over the circus that has been made around the days in remembrance of His Son. Maybe it doesn't matter, maybe I'm just too emotional and God doesn't actually object to it but He did in the OT and it would seem to fit as a way that seems right to a man and that leads to destruction.
It's one thing for the world, Satan's kingdom to twist those days to serve selfish purposes but when this stuff is just as true in the church it's a sad day to be living in. I have no solution to this but think it is something that needs to be vision checked. It may already be too late, but maybe, just maybe the outpouring could be delayed if His people got back to basics and stopped compromising in these practices and many others.