Saturday, March 3, 2012

The clock stops for no man

Well it's been another month since I last posted. It definitely doesn't feel like it's been that long but I've been busy so time goes quickly. It's been more of the same; working, studying and getting internship stuff organized. I just came off mid-semester break so I'm well fed and well rested right now.
Work has been plodding along. I cut my hours back for the last couple weeks so that I could get everything else done with school and still have time to sleep. I'm going to start ramping it back up and am looking toward Summer to really start bringing in the cash.
As for school, well break was really good. I got a jump start on reading for my next class which is good since it will only last for 2 weeks. I've been churning everything out. For the last four weeks before break I had Leadership class and Romans. I didn't really know what to expect from it, but Leadership may end up being my favorite class of the year. It won't have much competition with Communication and Math being the final two classes of the year. It was just very intriguing to hear about the vital qualities that a good leader should have. I saw many of the qualities in myself and some of the ones that aren't there have been getting worked on for the last year or two. Without knowing details but not believing in coincidences I found that intriguing.
Internship is still 6 months but many of the fund raising details are getting ironed out. The biggest development is that my older brother is planning to run a marathon as a way of contributing to my funding pool. So far I've received north of $5,600. It's a long way to $26,000 but signs keep pointing me to continue in this endeavor so I must trust God to provide it. I can't clearly verbalize how much of an encouragement each donation has been to me in this process but it's very humbling.
Beyond the contributions that I've received monetarily God has shown up in the printing of my newsletters. In December I was still very shaky about the whole thing and honestly didn't want to do it but saw the writing on the wall that I should. So a few days before Christmas I got my second letter printed and sent out. The twist was that when I went to the printer they gave me a 50% discount. The store I use is owned by an Indian man and he appreciated what I was doing so he helped me out. On the way back to school I could barely hold it together, God's fingerprints were and are just so clearly on this process. For the third letter I went back, wondering if I would get a discount again but not expecting it, well the employee remembered me from the first letter and as his contribution let me have all the prints for free. So that's $60 - 70 of letter's that I was given for much less then there prescribed value. By some estimations that's meager, but I'm a college student paying out of pocket for all this stuff, so that's huge!
Well yeah I'm just coming off break and going to hit it again starting Monday. At the moment I'm trying to decide what the best part of the break was though. Possibly all the cooking my Mom and Grandma did. Possibly finally getting to see my little niece, over's better than nothing. Possibly the Gopher's basketball game that my Uncle and Aunt gave me tickets too. All those are good, some very good, especially after waiting so long but I think the best part was just down time. I took care of business back home but made a priority of relaxing. Like I said, I've been a busy little boy and come Monday morning that will start again, but for a few days it all slowed down and I got to chill. I guess in a snippet that is what's been going on in my life over the last few weeks. Time's gonna keep ticking and I'll keep moving with it but for a few days things slowed down and I was able to process.
Until next time, may the Lord's blessings flow!