Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Real men of God

Ok, maybe not the most original title - I borrowed it from the real men of genius radio commercials that I used to hear during Vikings games. I've been thinking about this a lot lately and really just need to vent some stuff out about it. It all started for me as I was reading the book "Wild at Heart." I had heard about it for quite a few years but never had the motivation to read it, until it was an assignment for one of my classes. There were a few things that really stood out to me as I read it and maybe the one that I'm still meditating on was the discussion of an intimate relationship with God. Eldridge talks about the intimate relationship that David and Moses had with God. How they just talked to Him like any a real being, as they would anyone else, though still with awe and reverence. 
It made me really think, because I've kind of always had that type of relationship with God. He's my abba and going to Him has always been easy for me, almost natural. So what does that have to do with being a man of God? Well, a lot, I think. Without that abiding intimacy with God can it really be called a relationship? And if there isn't a real relationship there how can somebody be a man of God.
But I'm writing this tonight because it's more than just that. I hear people in my circles talk about being grown men and men of God and honestly all I can do is chuckle. Everyone one of my classmates has gone through an amazing amount of growth since being here but each one still has much to learn before really being a grown man. I'm definitely throwing myself in that category too. Last summer there was a while when I was kind of freaking out cuz of how limited my knowledge of normal life procedures is. I'll learn it, I'm just a little behind.
But getting back to the point, like being a man of God and even just being a man is about much more than just our age and opinion. It's how we conduct ourselves, or at least that's kind of where I am arriving right now. It's a little easy for me to say it, because I'm an act first, speak second type. I want my actions and attitudes to be what reveals the God formed differences in me, all the while not being afraid to speak up when the opportunity avails itself.
This isn't comprehensive, and may not even be that accurate, but it's kind of where I'm at right now. Just trying to live as a true man of God in what is very evidently a depraved society. It's simple but oh so difficult at the same time!