Sunday, January 22, 2012

A job thats more than a job

So I've been working at Walmart for the last few months have made one very realization over that time, that it's the best ministry that I can do right now. The opportunities I get even just being a cashier really startle me sometimes.
Like I said, I'm a cashier so I get probably 100+ people through my check out on any given shift, maybe more if it's busy or less if I work a short one. I've been a cashier before at a few different businesses but never took it as an opportunity like I am this time. Through the things that people purchase, say, and wear I take the opportunity to intercede for them.
It's definitely not a 100% thing because that would wear me out so much, but maybe 1/15 or 1/20 that I end up really praying after. Yesterday, for example, I had a customer come through that was buying some weird vampire/demon looking toys for his daughter, I'm assuming daughter cause they were dollish and pink. I used the trigger to pray against the influences of satan in that girl's life, to bind all the lies that the enemy may be speaking and asked God to continue working in her.
It's simple but I've seen what prayer can do and while I won't ever see in this life the result of many of these prayers I don't plan on stopping. It's a war and I'm going to stay right on the front line of it.
So for the first time I'm getting steady pay to do ministry to people. I really haven't said anything about Jesus to anyone, yet, but it's still very possible to happen. All I'm doing is influencing them on a spiritual level and trusting that this mysterious God that I know will continue to work through these simple prayers that I offer up.