Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another year, another adventure

A brief foray into what this year has been for me.

Well, it's almost here, 2012. Without trying to be dramatic for some reason this turn of the calendar just feels different to me. Maybe it's the fact that so much can happen in one period of 365 days, as evidenced by this past set but that's not a new fact. Maybe it's just the fact that I have no idea where I will be in another 365, but that's not completely new either. I think I will just go with it being a gut feeling even though it feels far more meaningful then that.
In any case, I am reflecting on what was a very unique 2011 in my life. I saw nations declare bankruptcy, governments get over thrown and civil wars. Major world leaders passed on and millions of more infants along with them. Natural disasters of epic proportions, a winter like no other at the turn of last year and another one at this turn of the calendar though completely different in almost every respect, God may just be chuckling upstairs at that one. At least it's snowing right now.
In my sphere, I saw a couple more bad seasons of MN sports, at least the lynx won a championship, haha. I've run with some of the greatest young men and woman that the Church has within itself and at times been counted a leader among them. Seen ideas come and go, felt frustrations and sorrow with each one. Heard new concepts about God that still wreck me. Made some good friends along the way, and seen some go all over this globe.
I've embarked on a journey that I've thought about for most of the last 3 years but never thought would actually get even this close and I have a long way to go on it. I've felt the sting of loss but the ever present reality of Hope through Jesus.
It definitely was a tough year, especially the last couple months and that can put a skew on all 12 months but it was a good year. I don't know what the next one will bring for me or where I will end up during it, but if it's like this one then I will be weary often but end up much stronger. It will be a good year.